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Dr. Al Larson

Thursday, April 6th at 2:30 pm MST (4:30 pm EST)

"Energy Field Trading"


In our next webinar, scheduled for Thursday, April 6th, Dr. Al Larson will share his insights into an esoteric trading topic, "Energy Field Trading".   His presentation will answer the following questions:

Join Al on April 6th for a brief tour of this unique approach to trading.
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Speakers Name

Dr. Al Larson holds a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.  He is a 1964 Distinguished Graduate of the U. S. Air Force Academy.  In his thirteen year Air Force career, Al served as a T-38 flight instructor, and as an O-1 Forward Air Controller in Vietnam.  He flew 426 combat missions, and earned multiple decorations, including 23 Air Medals.  He taught Electrical Engineering at the Air Force Academy, and served as the Director of the DFEE Computer Laboratory.

Al  worked thirteen years at AT&T Bell Laboratories. 
His engineering work included computer and switching system design, networked operating systems, and video information systems.  As an engineering supervisor, he led the Cheetah development effort, which created a state of the art multimedia system for the Campus of the Future at the University of Pittsburgh.  He holds six patents,
including one on an optical switching system.

Al  then started his own trading research and education firm, MicroMedia, which he has run for 26 years. His research led him to study the effects of the universal electric field on markets.  This has led him to mathmatical models that can forecast market behavior years in advance. These forecasts range from his MoonTide intraday forecast, through his XGO daily chart forecasts, to his 30 year Stargo forecasts. 

Al offers several trading courses: Cash In On Chaos, Fractal of Pi, Face of God, and Chaos Trading Made Easy.  He operates two websites: and He is now working with his son Mark to create, Which will offer energy field tools for NinjaTrader.  

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